SHOVE IT to heartbreak and rejection. 

The SHOVE IT Foundational Course will help you move up rather than move on, which is the most effective and classiest outcome you could work toward after letting go of something you hoped for in your future. Whether it was your choice or not, it is time to SHOVE IT! What you want is not what you had. If it were, you'd have it still. Don't overcomplicate it; SHOVE IT! 

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"Learning the SHOVE IT foundations in this Foundational Course absolutely transformed my life. I was devastated when I began, and by Module 12, I was completely different. I attracted the love of my life. My buddies believe she is way out of my league, but I feel I've become the version of myself that deserves to be with her. SHOVE IT to get out of your head, man, and your life will open up in ways you won't expect." - Vince


Working with thousands of individuals, it is clear we are similar to each other. We all want to love and be loved. Whether we are rejected from a partner or a job, losing a desired future vision is scary and painful. To begin again is frightening, yet to live again is your birthright. Work on yourself, nourish your mind, and you will be better than you've ever been to get what you've never had. Welcome to SHOVE IT!

The Right Time

A couple of hours per week is all that is needed to consume the course content. You can do the practices from anywhere - right in the middle of your busy life! With a custom SHOVE IT Foundational Program outlining daily practices and GOLD MINDING™ components to reach your specific goals, you will never feel like you're stuck or limited again. Every week for 14 weeks, you will have a new module released with content to take you to the next level, along with weekly community calls to keep in check. You have a powerful mind; what are you doing with it?

The Right Place

Rejection is tough. Heartbreak is torturous. However, what you want is not what you had; I promise what is coming in for you is so better than you can imagine at this point. To get what you want requires you to be unlike you've ever been. You are perfectly ready to learn to SHOVE IT before you get STUCK in it! 

The Right Program

As you advance through your program, we'll ensure you have access to all of the materials you need to push past your limitations, break free from your past and become the most mentally fit you've ever been. 

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SHOVE IT Foundational Course

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SHOVE IT to not being good enough. Leverage your heartbreak and use rejection to your advantage to move you up in life not just on. 

Let's SHOVE IT!!!


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