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Stop letting your mind get the best of you, the people in your life block you, and your goals elude you.

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5 Weeks Training


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weekly email accountability coaching

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10 Weeks Training

$1200.00 $633.00

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weekly email accountability coaching

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20 Weeks Training

$2400.00 $1111.00

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weekly email accountability coaching

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Mind Training Practices

Mind conditioning curated for your individual desires to obtain optimal results whether you are familiar with personal development or just getting started. 

Gold Minding 

You will have weekly expectations to listen to a personalized audio to help you manage your mind and awaken your intuition. This audio is unique to you and changes every four weeks you are with us. These are GOLD! 

Weekly Coaching & Accountability

Each week you will have a real life coach review your progress, make suggestions, offer support, and continue to tailor your program to ensure progress. All coaching is done via email. You must do your work or you will not have continued live coaching. 

Goals & Expectations

What are we keeping you accountable to each week? That is between you and your coach. You will have expectations you must meet from our end, and you will establish the goals you want us to hold you to, and together we are going to bust through everything that is holding you back! 


The exchanges between you and your coach are personal. Your coach remains the same through the entire duration. If you start with 8 weeks and then re-up for 32 weeks, your coach remains with you. We believe everyone deserves support and long-term coach leads to best results. Our prices are affordable to ensure you can have continual access. 

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Hi, I'm Jenna Bayne.

For the past decade, I've been a Premium Mind Performance Coach to elite performers. I specialize in helping you get the most of out of yourself while developing your excellence in what matters most to you. I have been supporting surgeons, pilots, professionals, high performing parents, athletes, and executive leaders.

This program is for your excellence. To help you get the most of out life, and yourself as you seek fulfillment, impact and purpose. 

Your foundation is what everything in your life is built upon, your mental foundations. Your mental foundations make up your focus: how you think, how you feel, and what you do. Nothing else in your life will ever be enough until you get that mastered. Let's rebuild your mental foundations to master your state of mind and achieve and maintain physical and mental health together. 

Welcome to the SHOVE IT Academy! You will learn this life enhancing mindset tool as we go. So excited to have you here.