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for you to SHOVE IT!

Discover the steps to instantly move you from any mental anguish to total control over your state of mind. 

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The sooner you let go, the quicker you'll be found.

People like you aren't supposed to live an average life, and when you try, it destroys you.

You don't need a different body, mind, or life. You need to learn how to utilize the one you have. Learn how to be you; not average. It's not too late, too soon, too big or too small.

Your needs and desires matter.

  * perhaps you've become a creature of habits              

  * maybe you've done everything you thought you should and you still don't feel happy

  *perchance you are a leader, parent, business owner or an influencer, and you want to be the best for those lives you touch

  * suppose food, weight or aging has become the enemy               

  * possibly you've been hurt, abandoned or disappointed, and don't want to only survive but thrive moving forward

   * conceivably you have desires without clarity of the how, when, where or what ways it will all come together.

Learn to manage your mind to get everything you want.

This is your personal New Year. You can't control your future, yet, you can create it. You can't control others, yet you can master yourself. You can't change, if you don't master your mind.

I'm betting on you. 

Welcome to the SHOVE IT Foundational Course.


"Life-changing course."

"I don't experience bursts of anger, as I used to. I'm less interrogational, which makes me a better husband, father, and employer. They feel they can talk to me without me getting mad instantly. I've never been so connected with my  community." Kev K.

"Instant Results!"

"Every module builds on the next so it comprehendible and quick successes. By the time I got to Module #12, my mindset was completely different. I've suffered from an eating disorder for twenty years without telling a single soul. I finally found my freedom." Merium S.

"Money, Success, Weight and Love!"

"I make $5000 more per month, I lost 15 pounds without meaning to and I met my partner all within three months! I'm not afraid to take risks anymore! I'm more confident and excited about my life than I ever thought possible! SHOVE IT!!"

I don't believe YOU intended to believe in what YOU believe about YOURSELF.

I don't believe you intended to be so hard on yourself.

I don't believe you meant to abuse yourself in the way that you have been doing.

I don't think you asked for any of what you have been experiencing.

Somehow, you just got here.

Lost in a cyclic pattern of putting yourself down before anyone else ever could.

Not having the money, motivation or success you thought you would have by now.

For some reason, you've convinced yourself to wear baggy clothes attempting to hide any imperfections you feel you have.

I know you look in the mirror and obsess about particular parts of your body.

I know you spend a lot of your mental energy on things you don't even know why you think that much about it.

I know you are so helplessly hard on yourself.

I know all you want is to be happy, this elusive feeling you can't seem to master.

You know you are destined to make an impact on the world. 

I assure you, you didn't plan to live like this. 

How did you get here??

 The truth is it is not like a choice or buffet that you precisely and consciously selected your beliefs to put on your life plate:

"I'll take this obsessive insecurity. Oh, this social anxiety sounds fun and, of that doubt, sounds terrifying let me choose this for my life experience, and let's top it off with an eating disorder." [Substitute your challenges and experiences] 

It doesn't work like that, so don't be so hard on yourself. 

You didn't intend to be in a lonely marriage.

You never chose to have that happen to you.

You didn't ask for this!

It is not your fault. Yet, it is your responsibility.

I want you to know what is possible for you because I've been where you are, and I can promise you that if you continue to try to fix internal problems with an external solution, you will never find fulfillment. 

I'm not telling you to be different. I'm asking you if want to experience something different in 2022? 

You have to want it.

It is not like anyone wakes up and decides, "Today is the day I change!" 

There is a progression.

For me, I was fully conscious of the fact my life wasn't going as planned. Yet, I didn't have a clue what to do about it. 

Doctors offered me anxiety, depression, and hormonal drug recommendations, and I went to different types of therapy. 

I bought countless diet books, exercise regimes, and anti-aging creams and potions to tighten up my skin.

I didn't want to be angry or depressed!

I had a series of sleepless nights lying awake in tears of frustration and anxiety over my life, desperately wanting change and not knowing how to find what would work for me. 

And, then, I learned to SHOVE IT! 


You do not have to become this mediating yogi who only wears hemp clothing. Nothing is wrong with that. There is a place and need for people like that. However, there is also a need and a place for you.

You are exactly the person who warrants the right to feel good in your own skin and feel like you belong in this ever-changing world.

You, as you are right now, don't see how valuable you are.

Who you are in the midst of your life with your babies running around, whether humanfur, or a dream you are nurturing, you have all you need and every reason to learn to SHOVE IT.  

Rather than you trying to fit in, I am encouraging you to learn to stand out. It is time you stop trying to fit into a mold that wasn't designed for you.

SHOVE IT to being in a relationship with someone below your standards

SHOVE IT to looking in the mirror and picking yourself apart

SHOVE IT to the idea that you can't eat today because you do not like how you look or haven't exercised today

SHOVE IT to not being good enough

SHOVE IT for the people looking up to you and those fantastic individuals you do not want to suffer as you have mentally

SHOVE IT for your destiny of getting what is yours even if you thought you'd get there sooner

SHOVE IT for falling madly and deeply in love with yourself to create financial abundance while you wait for your knight in shining armor (non-gender specific)

SHOVE IT to all your excuses, and for all the reasons you deserve to become better than ever!



Interrupt your automatic thinking



SHOVE IT to your insecurities, anxieties, and fears.

SHOVE IT to withholding posting *that* on social media because of what other people might think.

SHOVE IT to not being good enough. 


 You have patterns of thought playing in your mind consistently: 

  • 95% of these patterns of thought are negative
  • and >80% of them are repeated verbatim. 

You are not born with these thought patterns. They are learned through your past conditioning and personal life experience.

SHOVE IT to upgrade 95% of your programmed thought patterns!  

Your patterns of thought are not your fault, however, and they are your responsibility. 

Upgrade your programming.

It is time to SHOVE IT!  

Welcome to the SHOVE IT Academy (SIA)!

My name is Jenna and I'm the founder of the SIA. I used to be a shy, insecure, depressed, high-anxiety mess. Now I speak on stages, facilitate retreats and workshops, and wrote a book all because I learned to SHOVE IT.

Why YOU learning SHOVE IT is important for the world:

  • Studies show that 1 in 4 adults suffer from poor mental health in a given year.
  • About 265 million individuals worldwide suffer from anxiety disorders
  • 322 million individuals suffer from depression
  • adolescence experience more than 20% of all mental health disorders.
  • Mental health issues are increasing every year, and most of us are developing symptoms before the age of 21.
  • The suicidal rate has increased 35% in the past 20 years and continues to rise exponentially.
  • You may be feeling the heavyweight of life's burdens too or want to help someone who is - It is crucial, now more than ever, to invest in your mental health.

Welcome to the SHOVE IT Foundational Online Course!

A transformational course to:

  • instantly shift your focus
  • establish new beliefs
  • help you achieve your goals, and
  • break free of your negative thinking.

Laid out in twelve modules, you go through every area of your life to enhance goal achievement, bust your insecurities and leverage your anxiety, doubts, and fears. It is a from your living room, immersive, online course with community calls to go deeper on all the material so you experience a major shift. 

If you are skeptical, I understand.


You may be wondering, will this work for me? 
If you had told me amid my insecurity, trauma, high anxiety, and darkest days that in 12 weeks,  I could change everything, I would have said you were crazy. I beat my disordered eating mindset, controlled my anxiety, leveraged my lack of confidence, and healed my heartbroken soul, all because I learned to SHOVE IT:

Jenna Before SHOVE IT:

In third grade, my teacher asked me to look up a word in the dictionary and read the definition out to the class. I couldn't spell. The whole class laughed. I couldn't read until third grade, I couldn't comprehend until sixth grade, and although my grades improved after that, my self-esteem did not. Perhaps you remember things from your past too that you have carried around with you?

Jenna After SHOVE IT:

Who I was, the mistakes I've made, troubles I've had, and people who've hurt me don't influence who I am anymore. I learned what I needed to, and that's all I needed. Module #1, we get right into letting our past no longer taint our futures because then doesn't reflect our now.

Jenna Before SHOVE IT:

Whenever my best friend and I were out in group settings, he would get mad at me for not saying anything. As soon as more people were in the room, I kept hidden in my shell. I would get so much in my head I couldn't be present with the group, and even if there were something I could say or add to the conversation, I would psyche myself out.  Maybe you know what it is like to be too much in your head?

Jenna After SHOVE IT:

I still remain quiet while out with a group, but I stop beating myself up for it! I don't feel like I have to prove anything. I still mess up all the time, and I love myself through it. I respect who I choose to be.  I love to listen and observe more than talk, so what!? When the moment arises, I will speak up and get on the largest stage when handed a mic. Are you ready to feel comfortable in your own skin?

Jenna Before SHOVE IT:

I have been told my voice is too high to be heard. I sound like I was six and look like I'm fifteen, and no one would ever take me seriously. And, I listened. I ingrained every critical piece of feedback as truth and identified with the judgments and insults as if everyone knew me better than I did and I was to obey them. Likely, you've been judged, hated on, or ridiculed too; how's your heart?

Jenna After SHOVE IT:

I learned to become the master of my thoughts rather than at the mercy of my negative view of my reality. I still have insecurities, make mistakes, and have dumb arguments with those I love, yet they are fewer and far between. I recover quickly when my thoughts wander in directions that do not serve the highest good. To master your mind, all you must do is master your focus. You must be bold to learn to SHOVE IT.  Are you brave enough to ask for help and courageous enough to be the change you've wished to experience? 

Jenna Before SHOVE IT:

I was experiencing a constant internal battle, and I didn't know why I was having the thoughts I was having. I wanted it all to stop. I want a different body, a different life!  I wanted to feel close to somebody, but no one really knew the real me because I tried hard to tame my inner battles and struggles, so I pretended, and I laughed and smiled and didn't make a fuss. It is not that I didn't want to be. I just didn't know how!

Jenna After SHOVE IT:

I love feedback, both negative and positive now. I do not internalize it or use it to justify my worthiness or lack thereof. I no longer need approval. I mean, I like it, but I do not depend on it for survival. When you let someone be the reason for your happiness or the excuse for your grief, you will never be free. It's not what someone says about you that is the problem. What you are thinking about what they say about you is the problem, and it is time to rein that in and tend to your mental foundation.

Rebuild Your Foundation NOW!

The SHOVE IT Foundational Course will help you with (but not limited to):

Mind and Thought Control 

You are the dominant thinker, yet, you have practiced being the submissive receiver of your automatic thoughts.

Your mental programming and belief systems will get a complete upgrade as you practice changing your automatic adverse reactions into a positive responses.

Unstoppable Confidence

Your self-worth will no longer be dependent on the opinions or approval of someone else.
You will stop caring so much about what other people think and begin to live by your rules for the highest good of all.

Unlimited Fulfillment

You'll find the key to lasting happiness and success by positively impact the world and leaving a lasting impact by portraying your superpowers.
You will develop and raise your standards so you will no longer accept anything less than you deserve.
You will enhance your communication skills and practice establishing boundaries using a foolproof formula.

Increased Freedom

When your mind isn't consumed with your flaws, you will have a lot more time to make a lasting impact on the world.

You will be challenged to take risks and immerse yourself in the practices as you learn them to ensure you master these skills to help you work towards your dreams and accomplish each milestone along the way.

The SHOVE IT Foundational Course is an online program that gives you tools and a proven system to create a healthy mindset that helps you rather than hinders you.

Throughout 12 fully loaded and easy-to-follow modules, I'll guide you through my exact method for breaking free from the noise inside your head and find peace, joy, and freedom. While you upgrade your mental foundation you also get certified as a SHOVE IT Practitioner Level 1 so you rebuild and acquire a skill!

Are you ready to SHOVE IT?

Connect with me!

Let's review and see where you are and what you need. 


I'd love to chat!

Here is a sneak peak in what you will learn inside the 12 core video modules in the SHOVE IT Foundational Course:

MODULE 1: Retrospection

Where have you been? Uncover where your insecurities, beliefs, habits, and tendencies began as you reflect on your history to understand the basis of your foundation. You will witness the challenges you overcame and the strengths you developed to remind you of everything you've got already with you as you begin this journey.

MODULE 2 Euphoric Vision

Where are you going? You don't have to know your passions or your purpose to begin. All you need is a big-picture vision to construct your future foundation. Learn how to establish a vision no matter what you are currently standing on and then craft your goals to live a life fulfilled. 

MODULE 3: Liability

Where are you now? This is the secret sauce. You've figured out what your foundation is made of (Mod#1), have set a vision (Mod#2), and now you discover any parts of your foundation that needs attention before building your empire.

MODULE 4: Alchemy

Turn your liability into an asset. The juice of the SHOVE IT practice! Learn how to transform your mind right now into something that is catastrophically powerful to upgrade your life.

MODULE 5: Threshold

Where are you stuck? impatient? Doubtful? Fearful? This is often when people give up. Learn how to win against yourself and break through to get what you deserve in this life.

MODULE 6: Insecurities

What holds you back? Learn to leverage your insecurities in the most opportune way. Your unique skills and talents are powerful, life-altering gifts. Master your confidence and learn how you are meant to uplift the world now. 

MODULE 7: Obedience 

Who's voice are you listening to? Stop people-pleasing, saying yes when you want to say no, and obsessing over what other people think! Learn to discern for yourself, make your own rules and break the hold you've been stuck to your whole life!

MODULE 8: Nemesis

What is your biggest rival? Just wait to turn your greatest threats into promising gifts. Learn how to meet your triggers head-on and navigate around them the next time they cross your path to use them to your advantage. 

MODULE 9: Synergy

What do you need? Create unbelievable, seamless conversations, boundaries, and give feedback to those you love most in your life without a fuss. Learn how to set the record straight and ask for what you need without feeling guilty or starting a fight! 

MODULE 10: Harmony

Where is your light? The reason you stop shinning is because you were told you were shining too bright. Turn up the power! Learn the best and effective way to center yourself and find balance no matter what is said to you or what is going on around you. You are finally going to find peace, stay in your own lane and get what you desire and deserve.

MODULE 11: Impossible

What do you do when the worst happens? Sometimes you can do everything right, and still, out of nowhere, you are hit with the devasting unexpected. Whether it is a loss, diagnosis, or disappointment, life has a way of throwing a good punch. Learn how to handle when even the worst has happened to ensure your mental foundation remains solid and secure. 

MODULE 12: Pursuit

What is your final pursuit? Sometimes you can get everything you want in life and still not be happy. Sometimes you can do all this work and no one looks at you differently. What then? When you change on the inside the outside takes a little bit of time to catch up and this is it, this is your choice to decide who you will be, what you will give your attention to, and what is no longer needed in your foundational mindset. 


Let's put it all together! Here we put everything together so you have all you need in your toolkit to take with you into life. Submit your final section and you'll receive your SHOVE IT Practitioner certificate, which will act as free admission to a future event plus the option to make some extra money!

Every Module Comes with:

  • Introduction
  • Lesson overview
  • 3 mini workshops
  • wrap up session
  • Blank canvas (like a workbook for each module)

Bonus #1: 

  • 2 Gold Minding™ Practices in EVERY module
  • Gold Minding™ used to be separate and pricey because they are so effective
  • 8-minute audio practices - one for the morning and evening
  • these are transformational!! (GOLD!!)
  • Helps you become more intuitive and present to find the GOLD within your mind! (MINDING)
  • You get 26 in the entire course!!
  • Learn to meditate the SHOVE IT way in under 10 minutes. 
  • They are audio specifically designed to transform your mental foundation and enhance the specific teachings in each of the module
  • one for the morning to warm up your mind and one for the evening to calm your mind and prepare for a restful sleep!
  • you are getting all of them for FREE 

Bonus #2: 

  • get certified while you learn and grow!
  • when you complete all the course requirements and fulfill all the milestones along the 14 week journey you become certified as a SHOVE IT Practitioner Level 1
  • You may add it to your bio as you have acquired a skill and this allows you to earn your investment back within the academy 

Bonus #3: 

  • surprises and gifts along the way as you conquer all the modules in the SHOVE IT Foundational Course
  • As well as an accountability tracker to help you stay motivated and present the duration of the course.

30 Day RISK Free, 100% Money Back Guarantee so you have nothing to lose and so much to gain! 



12 Modules, GOLD MINDING + Bonus

One module is released every week for twelve weeks plus a bonus wrap-up at the end.

Course + Coaching

Go at your own pace with options to join live classes every week to go deeper into the content. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Test it out. Try it on. Not for you? No worries. Send an email to [email protected].com and you will get 100% your money back. 


Introductory Program Pricing Options

You've got options

Course + Community Coaching

$1200 US

One time

  • limited time offer:  $4500 $1200 US
  • change your negative thinking to stop getting in your way
  • discover a way out of your patterns
  • leverage your insecurities and bust through your limiting beliefs
  • build confidence to increase your health, wealth, and social connections
  • and so much more
  • 12 modules + bonus, online course, group coaching/office hours, 36 workshops, 26 GOLD MINDING™ practices
  • become certified as a SHOVE IT Practitioner
  • lifetime access and 30-day money-back guarantee

Course + Community Coaching

$300/m US

6 paymemts

  • change your negative thinking to stop getting in your way
  • discover a way out of your patterns
  • leverage your insecurities and bust through your limiting beliefs
  • build confidence to increase your health, wealth, and social connections
  • and so much more
  • 12 modules + bonus, online course, group coaching/office hours, 36 workshops, 26 GOLD MINDING™ practices
  • become certified as a SHOVE IT Practitioner
  • lifetime access and 30-day money-back guarantee

Course + Individual Coaching

$4200 US

One-on-one Coaching

  • limited time offer: $10 000+ $4200 US
  • change your negative thinking to stop getting in your way
  • discover a way out of your patterns
  • leverage your insecurities and bust through your limiting beliefs
  • build confidence to increase your health, wealth, and social connections
  • and so much more
  • 12 modules + bonus, online course, group coaching/office hours, 36 workshops, 26 GOLD MINDING™ practices
  • become certified as a SHOVE IT Practitioner 
  • lifetime access and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • weekly, individual, one-on-one coaching for 14 weeks

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Updated and Expanded to Set You Up For A New Year:

  • Step by step practices for you to use to change your mind (and to add to your coaching practice. hint: If you are a parent, you are also a mindset coach!)
  • Group coaching and office hours to work weekly to keep you accountable and to deep dive into various aspects of each module
  • upon completion, you become certified as a SHOVE IT Practitioner and can add this to your bio as you have acquired a skill
  • earn your investment back by referring your friends and family as with everyone who signs up and completes the first 30 days, you receive a stipend (you can even make more than your investment if you choose)

Zero Risk! 30 days 100% Money Back Guarantee

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