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You have found the Online SHOVE IT Foundational Program: a daily mind + optional nutrition training designed to help you epitomize the thoughts required to achieve and maintain health, wealth, and happiness in your life.


21 Days

$399.00 CAN

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12 weeks

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Weekly Check-in + Group Coaching

$2000 $1500.00 CAN


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24 weeks

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Weekly Check-in + 1:1 Coaching


$6500 $4500 CAN

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Managing Your Mind + Nourishing Your Body

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The SHOVE IT Book!

A total mind transformation! 

  • SHIFT the trajectory of your life

  •  HOLD to pause your thoughts

  •  OBSERVE the commentary playing in your mind

  •  VALIDATE the feelings and thoughts you have

  •  EXPERIENCE what it feels like to be you in this moment

  •  IMAGINE what else could be possible

  •  TRANSFORM your focus

    Everything you need to become a master of your mind, manager of your focus, and experience a massive life shift in less than ten seconds! 
  • Break free from eating disorder mindsets, sleepless nights, and procastinating on your dreams.
  • It is time to learn to SHOVE IT!
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You've got a powerful mind. Let us teach you how to use it wisely. 

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