SHOVE IT for food freedom! 

The SHOVE IT Foundational Course will help you find nourishment rather than calories to find your natural weight without struggle.  Map out your standards, stick to your values and begin to find refugee in your harmony. You can have what you want and achieve your goals when you love yourself on your way to it rather than love yourself because of it. Learn to accept yourself as you are now, and find food freedom. It begins with rebuilding your foundations. 


"When I found this course, I was secretly experiencing an eating disorder. I was too ashamed to tell anyone. SHOVE IT, and my life has shifted. I'm fit, healthy and I have a great relationship with food. I have energy because I respect my needs now. When you stop fearing weight, like I was, a miraculous thing happens: you move your body while eating nourishing foods because you fall in love with the process, and the rest takes care of itself." Ella


I've been both overweight and underweight and both sides of the coin are equally as painful. No one gets your journey other than you. You owe it to yourself to SHOVE IT to the BS you're feeding yourself right now. This is a journey between you and you. Imagine what it will feel like to love the body you are in and heal your relationship with food. Start to SHOVE IT!

The Right Time

A couple of hours per week is all that is needed to consume the course content. You can do the practices from anywhere - right in the middle of your busy life! With a custom SHOVE IT Foundational Program outlining daily practices and GOLD MINDING™ components to reach your specific goals, you will never feel like you're stuck or limited again. Every week for 14 weeks, you will have a new module released with content to take you to the next level, along with weekly community calls to keep in check. You have a powerful mind; what are you doing with it?

The Right Place

It is difficult to enjoy life when you are stuck in your head most of the time. Are you obsessing about food, calories, or weight? Do you hate yourself and think poor thoughts when you look in the mirror? If you compare yourself to others and judge others based upon limited qualities, it is time to SHOVE IT. If you do not work on your mental fitness alongside your physical fitness, nothing will ever be good enough.  It's time. SHOVE IT!

The Right Program

Weight loss is a personal thing. What you want is yours to choose and we will help you stick to your goals. What you need to be clear on is your why. If you are wanting to become your healthiest self you cannot forget your mind. You must enjoy your journey or you'll hate your life. Welcome to SHOVE IT!


SHOVE IT to not being good enough. Turn the IMPOSSIBLE into IM POSSIBLE!

Let's SHOVE IT!!!

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