$499.00 USD

2 Week Mind Training

Build your mental resiliency to better employ your focus to bring in more abundance, fulfillment, health and joy. 

Your coaching is entirely between you and your coach. Your coach's involvement work is never sourced to an assistant. You are working hand in hand with the same coach during the entire duration of your coaching plan - being 2 weeks.

  • You have access to any Module of your choice
  • You have weekly check-ins, via email, where any necessary adjustments will be made along the way to continue improvements.
  • This is a mental fitness program. We are working on your mental programming to utilize your negative habits, insecurities and anxieties and turn them into confidence, security and positive cycles. 
  • We work with the body and the mind so you will have both physical and mental strategies to exercise. It is a full immersion program. You must implement the program like you would a physical fitness program to see the results. 
  • You receive a 6 page manual on the program post sign up, with detailed instructions and expectations. 
  • No experience is required. 
  • This is not therapy. This is a mind training program and is a great addition to professional therapy programs.
  • Best program for those who are into personal development, wanting to improve reactions, leadership and overall life happiness and fulfillment. 

Booking for November 2023! Please note that before purchase as there are no refunds. Your exact start date is provided upon questionnaire submission.