The SHOVE IT Foundational Course will help you find life. It sounds simplistic, yet this is monumental because you are missing out on so much right now. You are overthinking nebulous things. You are overstressing when it always works out, and you are trying to control things even though the timing is an illusion. Hear me; you're okay. Anxiety is expected. Insecurities are normal. And failures teach you the most. Get back into your life to get the most of it; SHOVE IT!

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"I came home, and her drawers were empty. The closet that hung both our coats only hung mine. Her toothbrush was missing, and her sofa blanket had disappeared. She was leaving me for her colleague at work. It is like I didn't believe it until it happened. After that, I lost my participation in my own life while letting life's events destroy me until SHOVE IT. This course changed everything. I make $10 000 more per month, have a new apartment, and am dating again after getting out of my head. Life follows your lead. You have to upgrade your negative thinking to get more out of life. I recommend the SHOVE IT Foundational Course to everyone I care about because time isn't limitless, but what is possible is!" Jesse


Life will throw you all kinds of curveballs. Time will seem like it is not on your side. You will panic and develop obsessive overthinking from time to time because you are human! Rather than trying to fix being human, let's learn to leverage who you are to get the most out of your life. It is time to SHOVE IT!

The Right Time

A couple of hours per week is all that is needed to consume the course content. You can do the practices from anywhere - right in the middle of your busy life! With a custom SHOVE IT Foundational Program outlining daily practices and GOLD MINDING™ components to reach your specific goals, you will never feel like you're stuck or limited again. Every week for 14 weeks, you will have a new module released with content to take you to the next level, along with weekly community calls to keep in check. You have a powerful mind; what are you doing with it?

The Right Place

You are smack dab in the middle of your life and what you might not realize is it is all too big to do it on your own. Your mind, like your body, needs proper training, nourishment, and rest. Invest in your mind to take care of your body, soul, and life mission, so you don't miss out on anything that belongs in your experience. It is the perfect time for you to level up and SHOVE IT!

The Right Program

SHOVE IT Foundational Course works with your life and begins to help you improve it today. As you advance through your program, we'll ensure you have access to all of the materials you need to push past your limitations, break free from your past and become the most mentally fit you've ever been. 

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SHOVE IT Foundational Course

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SHOVE IT to not being good enough. Turn the IMPOSSIBLE into IM POSSIBLE!

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