SHOVE IT to being insecure! 

The SHOVE IT Foundational Course will help you suit up and stand out rather than play small and sit back. Your insecurities are powerful, and they are given to you as a token of strength to connect you with the rest of the world. It is time you learn how to utilize your insecurities to influence, impact and uplift those who follow you so you can show everyone what is possible. 

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"I never wore t-shirts. I hated my arms. I only wore knee-length skirts because I didn't like the bludge of my thighs in shorts, and I was afraid you might see my cellulite. As I completed my doctorate, I continued to hide my grades from my classmates in fear they did better. Looking back, I am surprised I didn't jump off a bridge with my self-talk and comparison. Learning SHOVE IT got me to the other side. I'm free! I wear t-shirts. I filled my private practice with an overflow of patients in just five months out of school because I got out of my head and into my purpose." -Dr. C.M.


I used to be an insecure mess. I hated the size and shape of my body, so I never wore dresses or tight clothing. I was told my voice was too high to be heard and sounded too young to be taken seriously. So I never talked. Enter SHOVE IT! You are more important and influential than you know, and you must SHOVE IT to everything holding you back from putting yourself front and center in the world. SHOVE IT for personal freedom. 

The Right Time

A couple of hours per week is all that is needed to consume the course content. You can do the practices from anywhere - right in the middle of your busy life! With a custom SHOVE IT Foundational Program outlining daily practices and GOLD MINDING™ components to reach your specific goals, you will never feel like you're stuck or limited again. Every week for 14 weeks, you will have a new module released with content to take you to the next level, along with weekly community calls to keep in check. You have a powerful mind; what are you doing with it?

The Right Place

Insecurities are human traits. They are invaluable once you learn to leverage them with SHOVE IT. It is not about ridding yourself of anything. It is about utilizing your mental power for good rather than creating self-talk that makes you feel bad. You must change your focus to change your self-talk; you must SHOVE IT! 

The Right Program

As you advance through your program, we'll ensure you have access to all of the materials you need to push past your limitations, break free from your past and become the most mentally fit you've ever been. 

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SHOVE IT Foundational Course

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SHOVE IT to not being good enough. Use your insecurities as fuel for your purpose rather than as evidence of your failure.

Let's SHOVE IT!!!


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