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Uncategorized Apr 21, 2020


It is no secret. Communication is the foundation of every relationship. And, more times than not, our family does not have a reliable communication floor. 

To me, communication is like an invisible, security laser web trap with criss-cross paths and different level variations; one must fully understand to dodge around to successfully get to the vault. It's complicated. It's messy. It causes us to blame, throw [adult] tantrums, form tears, and abrupt goodbyes. 


Because more often then not, the conversations we think we are having are not the conversations we are having.

Because we are so afraid of hurting someone or making someone else feel uncomfortable, we don't voice our truth in a clear, honest fashion.

Because we are interrupted, disputed, or shamed before we have the chance to get our point out, so we shut down, stop trying, or believe we are crazy for feeling the way we do.

Because we have been bombarded with all the "right" ways to talk to our special...

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