Uncategorized Mar 07, 2021

I tended to overthink everything. When I began creating my own business, there were so many decisions to make and many uncertainties about the road ahead. I felt so overwhelmed.

The truth of it was that it wasn't just my creating my business that caused my anxiety. I had been struggling with anxiety for so long. My doctor suggested I go on antidepressants and social anxiety pills in high school to calm my nerves and help me cope with everyday living.

It is so easy to medicate and get lost in the world of drugs, alcohol, sex, food, or shopping. In life, we have zero control over so much, and it is really challenging sometimes. The problem is we run, avoid and distract ourselves from our fears and our issues, and our struggles. There is a huge part of you wanting to live big, wanting to feel relieved, and it is possible; you are so close you just need to learn how to SHOVE IT.

I have high anxiety still to this day. The difference is I have learned how to leverage it. If you have...

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Uncategorized Mar 06, 2021

Where do insecurities come from? How did you become the person you are?

I remember the exact moment I was looking in the mirror thinking, how did I get here? How is this my life?

Have you ever wanted to be someone else?

I used to dream of living a different life. What I have discovered over my journey is that it is not that I wanted a different life; I wanted my permission to live my own. I cared so much about what other people thought, and I was so scared of not being good enough so I would take myself out of the game before anyone else could. I would tear myself down in my mind, and I believed in every negative comment I ever received.

I felt alone in a room full of people. I felt misunderstood and overlooked. I was quiet and reserved, so no one had a reason to notice me, and those stories in my mind went wild.

I developed insecurities I brought with me to my career, relationships, and every morning to the mirror, and they held me back. I developed codependency, people-pleasing,...

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Body Image

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2021

I've been both overweight and underweight.

I have struggled with my body image.

I tried multiple diets, been on various exercise regimes, and have followed and unfollowed thousands of wellness experts, subscribed and unsubscribed to various apps, and craved to find answers from various influencers. I got certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the Institute of Functional Medicine to figure out how to finally, actually gain the body I had always dreamed about.

When you are overweight, you condemn those who are thin. When you are underweight, food becomes an impossible feat haunting you with calories and fat. Both sides of the coin are terrifying.

And, I got the body I wanted. I figured it out, and guess what? My life still had problems, my heart still got broken, and I still had stressed; why? Because what we think is the issue is not actually the issue. Food and weight are only but a gate weight to our truth. You will learn that in module 7 of the SHOVE IT...

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Heartbreak & Rejections.

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2021

I love, love. I love the way it feels when you are fully present with someone or something like an idea. The energy flowing through you when you have found something you are completely enlivened with, there is nothing better.

You can be in love with an idea, with a moment, with an object, an animal, or a person, and it can make you feel ecstasy so great you feel you can do anything.

The trouble with love is it is risky. The euphoria changes with time, so you can go from a high to a low quite quickly. It can become agonizing and painful. You can go for a new opportunity with excitement and jazz, for it not to work out right away. Defeating. You can fall passionately in love with someone who chooses to leave. Excruciating. The dark side of love is it can make you think and believe in all types of untruths.

Life is full of failure, rejections, heartbreaks, and disappointments. Learn to handle all of life's burdens in the SHOVE IT Foundations Course.

SHOVE IT to anyone who has ever made...

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Learn to Love Yourself Well

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2021

Isn't it interesting to think about the reason someone treats you poorly or is moody towards you? It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them! When someone mistreats you, it isn't because you are unloveable. It is because that person doesn't love themselves. Say that again for the people in the back; it is not that that person doesn't love you. It is that that person doesn't love themselves.

I'm offering you something to try on: shift your focus to your compassion and empathy. You are growing nonstop doing this work, and you are just so incredible. Love yourself well, and the rest of the world will reflect the love you hold in your heart.

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Dealing with Those Minor Irritations in a Partnership

Uncategorized May 27, 2020

It's so small.
It's so basic.
And, yet, it drives YOU bananas.

"Put the dishes in like this, not like this. You get maximum capacity this way!"

"She puts on the dishwasher every night. It drives me crazy!"

"He only puts the dishwasher on when it is overfull, bowls over top of cups and all, things don't get cleaned that way!"

For you, it may not be the dishwasher, but in every relationship, there are those silly, small things that cause so much distress and tension within your home.

It could be the way that he walks heavily in the morning, the way she leaves her purse perfectly in the middle of the hallway, how he burps every night after dinner, or how she leaves her makeup all over the vanity in the bathroom. It is usually predictable, common, and casual. And, most moments, you could do without it!

Let's point out one important truth here. The truth is you do it too.

There are things that YOU do your partner cannot stand. Whether or not he or she tells you is a different story, but I...

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When your partner asks, "How was your day?", this is what they are really asking!

Uncategorized May 20, 2020

Have you ever been in a relationship and still felt lonely?

Have you had moments in your current partnership where you have felt misunderstood, isolated, forgotten, or even taken for granted?

I've been working with couples and families for over seven years, and relationship fulfillment is my number one area of study.

Often when we are in relationships for an extended period, we stop seeing our partner. Have you ever hung a picture up on the wall, and after a while, you forget that it is there? Or your best friend has had a tattoo for years, and you don't notice it anymore because you're so used to it being there, but when someone else points it out, it's like "Oh yea, that is there. I forgot."

Well, we often do that with spouses. We stop paying attention to their needs and tending to them in the way we first did because we are used to having them there. We chose to be in this relationship; we married them, so isn't that enough to show our love?


Relationships fulfillment requires...

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Foundational Secrets to Building a Happy, Long-term Relationship

Uncategorized May 13, 2020

“Jenna, my wife keeps calling me her husband, and I think my wife’s definition of a husband is a person who just doesn’t meet expectations.” 


Although my client was laughing when he said this, I could see the genuine concern in his eyes. He seemed exhausted and fed up. Where did the relationship go? It started so great and was magical at the beginning, and then over time, love was lost. They haven’t been happy together for years. 


Intimate relationships are messy and beautiful. They trigger us, challenge us, and also aliven and comfort us. Some days, relationships feel like work, and other days they feel easy and peaceful. 


Love changes, grows and expands in ways we could never have predicted. Love is not just a feeling, but also energy, an energy that requires action. There is a difference between loving someone and practicing love. Practicing love means being unconditional, compassionate, and kind. Loving...

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Teens, Moods and Your Role as a Parent

Uncategorized May 06, 2020

This WILL push your buttons.
         This WILL shock you.
                  And this WILL happen.

Being a parent allows for many shocking moments. Moments that will make you laugh, make you cry, make you proud, make you mad, and many other moments that will make you question your parenting ability.

Teen moods are one of those things that will leave you having many moments of frustration, confusion, hurt, and anger if you allow it.

I want to share a few essential tips for you to remember as you are raising a precious human being who also happens to be a teen and help you become the exact parent your teen needs you to be.

As you read this complementary information to the video, I intend to spark some understanding. I want to remind you about where your teen is in terms of brain development and support you in creating your dream family life even when we are experiencing the pre/teen mood phase.

I think it is true that...

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Teens, Parenting, and TikTok

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2020


"I was fuming mad. I was so mad.  I can't tell you the level of anger I was feeling towards my children. They created this [stupid ;)] video. My own children set me up to react, and then they recorded it." 

"I swear if my children are on TikTok one more time… I'm sick of it. I hate TikTok. I'm over it. I'm done. I'm going to take my son's phone and…"

It seems there is some passionate view towards the video-sharing social networking service, TikTok, and on our parenting call, this was made apparent. If you are a parent of a young adult, I am happy you are here. If you know of a parent with a young adult, please share this blog with them. 

Things we cover in the video:

Building an empowering relationship around technology

Why your young adults ignore you

Why Tiktok is great

Establishing boundaries

And, focus on praise

To complement the video:

Our children are born with phone ready hands. Their advanced...

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