It is Easy to be Brave From Afar

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2021

I'm challenging you to be BRAVE!

Be brave to SHOVE IT to anyone commenting on your videos, blogs, posts, or sending texts that offend, hurt or disrupt your happiness flow. They are being brave while hiding behind their keyboard. You are putting something out there, and that is what I call brave; keep doing it!

This week, it is time. It is absolutely your time to do something you've been putting off, scared to do, or haven't made the time due to other responsibilities and tasks. It is time to SHOVE IT and be brave!

You can dream forever. You can imagine while you drive home after a day out. And, you can let your mind wander as you walk. That is all really great, and it is time to take one of these dreams and bring them down from the clouds and into reality. What is one thing you could do today to move you closer to one of these visions? Take it!
In Module #2, we dive into the Euphoric Vision exercise to set a vision before a goal. Make time to do that. This week is all about not just dreaming and talking about it, but trying something too!



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