Transition between 25-30 Years Of Age

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2021

Another fantastic week ahead!

For those of you in the middle of change and transition, no matter what age you are, I encourage you to stay with yourself to allow the change rather than resist this change and abandon yourself in the process. What I mean is often, when you are feeling uncertain, you fight it. You try to go back to how it was, or you distract yourself with t.v., food, or social outings, and you grow farther away from who you really are into this other version that is so disconnected from your values and standards. - this matters because when you start to live for something outside of you, you lose sight of what matters and will wake up one day in the future completely unfulfilled.

Coming back to my core foundation has helped me grow exponentially into the person I am proud to be based upon my own design rather than living a life within the boundaries others (parents, peers, social media, society) have projected onto me.

Who you are doesn't have to be such a complex concept. Start with what you are not and what you don't want, and you will quickly see how much you already know about who you are at your core. Are you somebody who cares about others? Add that to your list. Are you dependable? Do you take pride in being places you say you will be rather than never following through on what you say you will do?

Start exploring.

If you would like to do a complete deep dive into who you are and understand yourself better than you ever had, I encourage you to join the SHOVE IT Foundational Course. It would be great to see you there!



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