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What is your biggest challenge right now? What are you facing in regards to your life fulfillment? Can you identify specific areas like parenting, relationships, body-image, wealth, health or happiness.The greater the detail the more we can help guide you. 

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What improvements would you like to see regarding the challenges you are facing right now? Is there anything you want to change about how you think, live, and feel most of the time? 

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What would you like to get out of this course? For example, it's the end of the course and you are reflecting back on its success. What made this course a success to you?

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Are you struggling alone or do you have people in your life you can talk to and trust?

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If someone really knew you, what would they know? What do you wish they would know?

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Do you want to close this form out with any final questions, comments, or details? Please share. The more details the better.

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Are you open to weekly coaching via email to keep you accountable and help your coach adjust the program to assist in maximizing your results? It will take 20 minutes or so to complete your weekly check-in. What's your schedule like? Are you able to make time for a check-in?

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