SHOVE IT to anxiety taking over! 

The SHOVE IT Foundational Course will help you step out rather than step back when you feel burdened, powerless or uncertain. Somewhere along the line, you were taught to listen to the voice outside of you rather than the voice within you. The voice outside of you is the instigator of all fear, which is the basis of your anxiety. It is time to use your intensity for the real show to make you and your audience (whoever that may be from your children to your clients to those you will influence in the future) come alive and live moments you'll never want to forget.

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"I am a black male who grew up in the hood and now drives a Ferrari. From the outside, I had life figured out! Yet, I would lay awake a night, terrified that everything I had would be gone, and I would go back to food stamps telling my girls they had to give up everything they knew. No one saw the sweat under my jacket or the fidgeting of my fingers underneath the table. There were times I locked myself in a bathroom stall because I couldn't breathe. The world saw a put-together, athletic businessman. Behind my walls, I was a broken, terrified little man. I scheduled work to interfere with social events and family affairs. Afraid someone might see the real me. SHOVE IT helped me get my life back. I now manage my anxiety in ways I thought only came from a pill bottle. I'm a better father, leader, and friend. I was the quiet student going through the course, embarrassed for needing to be there until halfway through when ya'll became family. It is the best investment." Michael


With a custom SHOVE IT Foundational Program outlining daily practices and GOLD MINDING™ components to reach your specific goals, you will never feel like you're stuck or limited again. Every week for 14 weeks, you will have a new module released with content to take you to the next level, along with weekly community calls to keep in check. You have a powerful mind; what are you doing with it?

The Right Time

A couple of hours per week is all that is needed to consume the course content. You can do the practices from anywhere - right in the middle of your busy life! 

The Right Place

There is a place for anxiety in your life, still, not an overconsuming place where it thoroughly removes you from experiencing your life. If you experience anxiety, this means you have a strong focus, and with a bit of practice, you will be able to use this same mental force to move mountains rather than create them. It is time you learn to SHOVE IT!

The Right Program

As you advance through your program, we'll ensure you have access to all of the materials you need to push past your limitations, break free from your past and become the most mentally fit you've ever been. 

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SHOVE IT Foundational Course

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SHOVE IT to not being good enough. Use your anxiety power for ability, not inability.

Let's SHOVE IT!!!


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