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I'm passionate about changing the way you think.


My goal is simple: I want to teach you how to leverage your insecurities, utilize your anxieties, and bust through your doubt. I want to help you manage your mind and foster a focus that leads you where you want to go. 

SHOVE IT not only for you but for the lives you touch.

My name is Jenna Bayne. I have made it my mission to help you manage your mind because I've come from a precarious place. I used to be an insecure mess. I had cellulite and body jiggle. I was indecisive and frustrated with my life. I had little confidence and extremely high anxiety. I developed depression, body dysmorphia, low energy, and low libido. I stressed my body out so much with my mind and, needless to say, success eluded me in every area of my life. 

Until I learned to SHOVE IT!

I now facilitate retreats and host workshops all over the world. (Me! The girl who never talked or stood out.) I have worked with over eight thousand individual students, and I love my life! I still have cellulite, anxiety, and all the other things I described above. The difference is I have learned to leverage who I am rather than be held back by it. All I needed was to shift the way I viewed myself and everything in my life got better.

I began teaching this practice as an elementary school teacher. After seeing my students struggle with their self-esteem, home life, and mental health on top of my own struggles, I began working with parents, and that trickled to other adults to help us be better leaders for our children. SHOVE IT was born. I kept seeing massive shifts and results within me and others, and that is when I knew more people needed to learn about it.


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