Executive Pursuit

You and I have a common goal, which means we are a team with an important mission: to support players, past, present, and future, and achieve sustainable championship wins. 

Let's Connect

You are in a high-pressure situation.

So, why take a risk on me?

After all, everyone has an opinion, a 'secret sauce' or a motive, and I'm sure you are hesitant, skeptical, or even too overwhelmed to think someone who looks like she is 15, sounds like she is 6, and doesn't play hockey could actually benefit your goals.

I understand.

Furthermore, if you were to look me up on any social media platform, you will notice I'm virtually nonexistent. 

I take privacy seriously. I have no problem signing an NDA, and I work exclusively with my client upon request. My previous 1:1 athletes, entertainers, and influencers felt most comfortable when I disengaged from social media. I am here to serve and do what is best for the collective. 

I'm results-oriented. I'm driven, and I'm passionate.

Additionally, I have worked with organizations like Nike and Disney. I have facilitated retreats in various locations like Kenya, Ozarks, Caymen Island, and Australia. I've hosted countless workshops all over the world.

I've been preparing for you for almost a decade. 

What I'm great at is pattern recognition. What I'm best at is pattern transmutation. Breaking the pattern to epitomize the focus required to reach your goals - exactly what your organization needs. 

How does it all happen?  Through my Executive Pursuit. 

Your athletes are physically fit. They work on their physical endurance and train constantly. You as an organization react to the daily stresses, you get it done, and you manage through the season. I want you all to thrive with synergy and success. The missing component is an effective mental conditioning program to go along with, and drastically improve, what you are already doing. Not only will this improve your work life, but your personal life (health and relationships) will be positively affected too. I believe in a holistic approach. 

High-Level Overview

Phase 1: The Set-Up = I seek first to understand. This process is individualistic before it becomes systematic. Everyone is invited to be involved from the ground floor to the executive team. I work in small groups or with individuals understanding where we've been, where we are, and where we are headed from all points of view. This is the observation, date-collecting, vision-establishing, and milestone phase. 

Phase 2: The Knock-Out =  We move into the training ground. Gathering up the data collected during phase 1, I perfect my plan to ensure improvement, progress, and success based on the milestones we established in the previous phase. We implement. Ideally, collaborate with your nutrition strategist, dive into sleep optimization, as well as the Gold Minding Component, SHOVE IT formula, and Visual Motor Rehearsals custom designed to suit each of your needs. The intricate details will be discussed at a later date.

Phase 3: The Follow-Through = We move from training to enactment. Continued adjustments are made as milestones are hit, adaptation is needed through the natural changes of the season, and mastery in mental agility, vitality, and endurance is achieved. 

Let me be your secret weapon. 


Exploratory Call

Welcome to the SIA!

For the past decade, I've been a Premium Mind Performance Coach preparing to work with your athletic talent, skill, and team. Let's discuss your visions, and needs and I'll walk you through my executive pursuit to support your desired accomplishment. 


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