24 Weeks Individualized Training 

mind + nutrition program

The SHOVE IT Foundational Course! 

Plus, an individualized coaching program tailored to your desires and needs.


Let's Get Training!

Daily Training

Mind Training Program - designed to get you out of your head and into your life.

Weekly Coaching

Accountability is key with weekly check-ins via email. PLUS, 1:1 coaching video calls biweekly.

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Your mind and body influence each other. Along with your mind training, you will receive lifestyle and nutritional requirements.


Is this program for me?

Although we make sure every plan you choose fits just right for you, this program is best suited for those who are interested in a full transformation. We support you in all areas of your specific needs: career, parenting, intimate relationships, sleeping problems, insecurities, this list doesn't end! We work with you to uncover your personalized plan, and this option includes 1:1 video coaching. The other options do not include video 1:1, only email. 

Everybody's life experience is different, so every SHOVE IT Mindset program is tailored to your goals, needs, and challenges.

If you are dealing with an eating, weight, or body-image challenge, we will start here. 

If you have insomnia, parenting stresses, or relationship dissatisfaction, we will begin here.

If you are beginning again after grief, heartbreak, or infertility, we will focus here first.

If you resonate with any of the content in the above video, you are in the right place.

We will start wherever you are and build you up from there mentally and physically. You will gain all the skills, strategies, and practices to retrain your focus and master your state of mind to experience life fulfillment, freedom, happiness, and success.  

Let's get training!


Your mind has an incredible focus. The problem is that the things you automatically focus on tend to chisel away at your vitality and success. 

The SHOVE IT Mindset is designed to help you epitomize the thoughts required to achieve and maintain health, wealth, and happiness in your life to break through all the pressures of life.

In 24 weeks, you will completely renovate your mind, refresh EVERY area of your life, and be on your way to the healthiest version of you inside and out.

What happens during the 24 weeks?

Every training is a FULL, immersive transformation, which means you will be an active participant. You gain access to the SHOVE IT Foundational Course to reset your mental foundations and a personalized nutrition and lifestyle program to assist in your goals. 

 In 24 weeks, you will be given weekly mind, body, and lifestyle tasks to complete to train your mind and enhance your energy. You will have both mind and nutrition requirements. If you fail to reach the criteria more than once, you will forfeit the program, and there will be no refunds.

Is there a coaching component?

You will have a coach with you every step of the way. You have weekly 1:1 check-ins via email with your coach and tweleve biweekly 1:1 video coaching calls. You also have an opportunity to attend group training when they occur through your time within the SHOVE IT Academy.

EVERYTHING IS CONFIDENTIAL between you, your coach, and the Academy. Your secrets are safe here unless your safety is in danger (i.e., suicidal thoughts or actions). 

When do the 24 weeks begin?

After you sign up, your coach will send you three start dates, and you will choose the one that fits best.

How is this plan personalized to me?

Once your coach has personalized your plan based on your answers to the input questionnaire you get after you sign up, you will get the full view of your program before you begin to ensure you can set yourself up for success. You will have guidance around nutrition, mind, and lifestyle based on your challenges, goals, and strengths.

You will also have the option to bring a friend or family member to our initial onboarding VIP Day to help ensure you have support all the way around you. When you graduate from the program, you also get to invite special people to the zoom room to celebrate you.  

Is this a diet with lots of restrictions?

There are no foods off-limits during your training. This is not a restrictive program. The SHOVE IT Training is designed to bring you back to the basics of learning to let your intuition guide you. As you begin learning to eat intuitively, we support you like bumpers support your bowling game. At first, we give you bumpers, and then as we see you improve (lose weight, sleep better, better relationships, and so on), we take the bumpers down to continue to challenge and help you grow and build your self-trust. It all depends on your experience, desires now, and comfortability later. No program is the same because no human is the same, so we do not offer refunds. We pour everything we've got into your success. 

What happens after 24 weeks?

In full transparency, 87% of our students stay with us for over two years. We encourage long-term coaching, so the training prices are at various price points to promote long-term investment. After you graduate from this foundational phase, you receive special pricing to continue. We love growing with our clients and watching them thrive through many life seasons. There is something so special about navigating life with someone while helping them reach their fullest potential. 

Why is now the time?

  • You have a minimum of 60000 thoughts per day.
  • 90% are not serving you, and 80% of the deserving thoughts are recycled in your mind multiple times per day.
  • Studies show that 1 in 4 adults suffer from poor mental health in a given year.
  • About 265 million individuals worldwide suffer from anxiety disorders
  • 322 million individuals suffer from depression
  • adolescents experience more than 20% of all mental health disorders.
  • Mental health issues are increasing every year, and most of us are developing symptoms before the age of 21.
  • Mental health issues are increasing every year, and most of us are developing symptoms before the age of 21.
  • The suicidal rate has increased 35% in the past 20 years and continues to rise exponentially.
  • It's time to rebuild your foundations.

What is the SHOVE IT Foundational Course?

  • There are strict guidelines you must follow to continue the program; unless you do the work, nothing is going to change
  • You complete all 12 modules on your own with weekly check-ins for 24 weeks via email with your coach. Plus, twelve 1:1 Video Coaching with your coach.
  • Each module is composed of 3 workshops, 2 specially designed GOLD MINDING Practices, a lesson overview, and a wrap-up. It is expected you complete all within the week the module is released
  • each module is released 1 week at a time in order
  • The SHOVE IT book is like your workbook. It is advised to read the book module that goes along with the course.
  • You receive an 8-page training document outlining everything as soon as you begin, as well as an introductory call to help us customize your program to your needs. 
  • Your coaching sessions are completely tailored to your personal success journey
  • You do walk away with a certificate of completion and Level 1 SHOVE IT Practitioner Status

Where and when does training take place?

Everything takes place online in the training app and email. The video calls occur online. You do require internet access. You and your coach will have time set up that is convenient for both of you. 

You will be assigned a coach within the SHOVE IT Academy. Coaches stay consistent with their clients for the duration of your program - being 24 weeks. Mindset Coaching will look into every area of your life - past, present, and future. For most Advanced Training, Jenna will be your 1:1 coach.

Let's Get Personal!

Welcome to the SHOVE IT Academy!

For the past decade, I've been a Premium Mind Performance Coach to elite performers. My passion is supporting you with your highest achievements, visions, and goals.  

Your foundation is what everything in your life is built upon, your mental foundations. Your mental foundations make up your focus: how you think, how you feel, and what you do. Nothing else in your life will ever be enough until you get that mastered. Let's rebuild your mental foundations to master your state of mind and achieve and maintain physical and mental health together. Welcome to the SHOVE IT Academy! We got you. 

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