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Special Mind Training Programs For Your Needs 

Do you ever feel like you are doing everything you possibly can and it's still not enough?

Sometimes it feels like the whole world is caving in.

You keep searching for answers, but the solution to your problem eludes you.

Those who you love and love you the most, aren't there for you in the way you need them to be, or you are too afraid to share because of the judgment you may receive.

How did you get here? How is this your life? You've compromised, sacrificed and still come up short.

You are exhausted, your body looks and feels different, and you spend your days wondering if you are getting any of this right.

You are likely comparing yourself to others who are 'doing it better than you', spending time scrolling through social media to numb your mind, or falling victim to destructive habits and internal ridicule. 

You are a parent (fur babies count), a professional, a partner, or a combination of all three. 

You don't need support, as much as you need training. You desire tangible tools to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Habits take time to break, and addictions almost always recycle unless you commit to a mental conditioning program. You need a confidential and safe place you can depend on and put your trust into for a breakthrough and long-term success. 

You are a survivor. Yet, it is your time to thrive. Let's get training. 


Choose your program

Below are 3 separate 1:1 programs.

Each program is built based upon your needs. 

If you are unsure which one is best for you, fill out the assessment below. 



2 Sessions Per Month

  •  50 minute sessions 
  • Virtual session audio or video 
  • Client lead session based upon needs
  • Monthly mindset recording access 
  • No contract; cancel anytime



2 Sessions Per Month

  • 90 minute sessions
  • Virtual session audio or video 
  • Client lead session based upon needs
  • Monthly mindset recording access + Sunday reset
  • Personalized mental fitness program for your needs
  • 3 month contract



Individual + Couple Sessions

  • 1-60 minute session per individual + 1-90 minute session per couple
  • Virtual session audio or video 
  • Client lead session based upon needs
  • Monthly mindset recording access + Sunday reset for couples
  • Separate personalized mental fitness program and combined
  • Communication Building
  • 3 month contract

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Welcome to the SHOVE IT Academy!

My name is Jenna Bayne, and I'm the creator of the SHOVE IT Mindset. 

I'm obsessed with helping you feel fit, mentally and physically. You can't have wholesome relationships, a thriving career, or a thriving body without a healthy mind. Yet, we often force ourselves into these restrictive diet and exercise regimes. We stay in habitual cycles and addictions that do not serve us. We work around the clock to get the paycheck, keep trying to be the perfect parent or whatever else we do, only to realize it's not enough. We are not enough. Why? Because we have failed to recognize the importance and damage that has been done to our foundations. 

Your foundation is what everything in your life is built upon, your mental foundations. Your mental foundations make up your focus: how you think, how you feel, and what you do. Nothing else in your life will ever be enough until you get that mastered. Let's rebuild your mental foundations to master your state of mind and achieve and maintain physical and mental health together. Let's get training!